Tiktok Video Browsing History

Tiktok offers access to your account data on the Tiktok website. Via the Profile icon on the top right, choose Settings, then Download your data.

Once the download is complete it is available on the same page, but on a different tab. The download is a ZIP file that contains one document with internal structure. The “All data” download includes a “Video Browsing History” section, whereas when we chose custom data rather than all data and chose “Activity”, the video browsing history was not included.

For each video in the Video Browsing History, the JSON data just includes the link to the video and a date. The date appears to be the date you viewed the video, not the date it was posted.

What it does not do

The data export does not show how long you watched a video for, or whether it was found on your "FYP" or some other way.

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