Export data from Ticktick to import into Things

The process to migrate from TickTick to Things is quite complex and this is due to the great obstacles and little flexibility that TickTick gives to the user when wanting to migrate from one service to another.

There is not a wide variety of options available within the service, the only one being the possibility of making a data backup, which is downloaded in a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.

These difficulties may be a strategy by TickTick so that the user is tied to using the service in such a way that, despite the user's desire to try new services or due to the user's dissatisfaction, they cannot abandon it because the file containing the backup is also not very helpful when imported by other similar services and the larger the backup (folders, tasks, tags, notes) the greater the difficulty for the new service to understand the pertinent information.

Create data backup from TickTick

As mentioned above, TickTick only offers the option to export data by backing it up to a CSV file. This article from the official site describes the steps to follow.

It is necessary to mention that to perform the backup it must be done from the web version. With the login already done, we click on Settings, then on Account, and finally on "Generate Backup". This will generate a CSV file that will be downloaded to your computer.

Import backup from TickTick into Things

This process is very complex but in this article we can see that Things provides various options for the user to import their information, however, the CSV format in which our backup is found is not among them and that results in carrying out various actions by the user.

Our first option is to copy from the backup file and paste into Things manually and this can take a long time, depending on the size of our file, but it is understandable that these types of actions cannot be automated.

The other option available is to change the file extension from CSV to plain text or mark down and thus copy and paste in the same way as in the previous option but this time as a bulk and by creating a new list in Things and this, at least, makes the process a little easier and faster.

What this solution can do

This solution allows you to back up your data as a user who wants to export their TickTick data and then, in a very complex and long-lasting process, import that data into Things.

What this solution does not do

This solution does not provide useful options for the user who wants to export their data from TickTick, nor does it provide a way to automate the import of that backup into Things.

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