How to transfer your Facebook Posts to other services using DTP

This solution may be for you if you want an easy to use, reliable transfer tool that does not require you to download the files to your local device, saving you bandwidth and local storage requirements. It is powered by the open-source Data Transfer Project technology maintained by the Data Transfer Initiative.

Meta offers its DTP-powered tool to transfer a copy of your information via the Meta Accounts Center. You can reach it via or Follow the prompts to select the relevant account and information you wish to transfer; select the destination, authenticate to the destination, select the scope of what you wish to transfer, and finally click “Start transfer.” You will need to re-enter your password for the source account to finalize the operation.

What this solution can do

It can transfer a copy of all, or a subset of, your Facebook posts and notes directly from Meta's servers to a third party service provider. Of the options currently presented, Daybook can only receive posts; Google Docs,, and Blogger can receive posts and notes.

What this solution does not do

Because it is designed to transfer posts and notes, it does not include other content from Facebook, notably photos and videos. If you wish to transfer Facebook photos and videos to a service designed to receive and handle such content, see this article. If you wish to download an archive file with all of your content together to your local device, Meta offers a download tool here:

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