Export notes from Werdsmith

Werdsmith is a service focused on writing scripts, books, sketches, etc. It allows the user to focus all their attention solely on writing and structuring their projects. Although it is a widely used service with a large base of active users, the data export options are practically non-existent since it only allows the user to paste and copy absolutely all the projects manually.

This limits and almost forces the user to stay in the service and being able to migrate to other similar services with the notes and projects found in Werdsmith is a monumental task that takes a lot of time and difficulty.

Download data

This generates a page within Werdsmith that displays all of the user's projects, notes, sections, and more in a non-intuitive table.

The drawback with this is that it simply allows the user to copy and paste their information to other services in the event of a possible migration to another service.

To download the pertinent data, right-click anywhere on the page that shows the information to be exported, then click Save As and select a place on our computer to save it. This will generate an html file that can help us have a little more flexibility when migrating to another service.

What this solution can do

This solution allows the user to find the only way available to export their information from Werdsmith.

What this solution does not do

This solution does not allow the user to export their data in formats that are very helpful to carry out an efficient and automatic import to other services similar to Werdsmith and this is due exclusively to the little flexibility and little interest that Werdsmith offers to the user when wanting to do this export process.

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